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We are in the top 500 of the Green Latin America Awards

June 27, 2018

Last Thursday, May 27 was the first meeting of recognition of the best environmental sustainability projects in Bogotá, the Laudes Infantis Foundation was among the 500 best placing 125th in the category for human development with the project “CASA TALLER – SPACE OF CULTURE, ENVIRONMENT, COEXISTENCE AND PEACE “, located in the Bella Flor neighborhood of Ciudad Bolívar. The awards counted with the participation of all Latin American countries, Spain, the Hispanic community of Canada and the United States, as invited countries.

The award ceremony will take place from August 14 to 17 in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, within the framework of the Sustainable Green Economy Congress, within which the finalists will be able to present their projects, and networking spaces will be established with all the ventures of Latin America.

The mention given to the Laudes Infantis Foundationis an example of the great work that has been done in our organization in favor of the environment, promoting recycling actions and generating responsible consumption in each of our activities, gradually creating a culture where respect for others and our environment is essential to achieve true spaces of coexistence and peace.

A seal of environmental commitment with which we will continue working and generating more people aware of the consumption and care of our planet

Google, supported gender equality in Ciudad Bolívar and Usme

June 22, 2018


June 22 was a memorable day for the girls of our communities, who were invited to the workshop, Made with Code,page created by this North American multinational, with the aim of teaching how to program, and make visible different professions, traditionally occupied by men, and to which the woman can also access.

There was a fun day and especially learning, in which volunteers from Google of different nationalities participated and who led the activity groups for two hours in their facilities.

This great partnership with GOOGLE, is allowing us to generate marketing and technology processes in Laudes Infantis, which has been aligned with ICT training, the use and good use of the Internet, as well as access to virtual educational platforms. All this in order that children and youth from the towns of Ciudad Bolívar, Usme and San Cristóbal Sur, can access better educational and economic opportunities.

“Dreams that Inspire, the Tour of the World on a Sailboat”, for more education

June 8, 2018


From June 8 to 17, the PALATINO Shopping Center opened its doors and made it possible to generate the photographic exhibition “DREAMS THAT INSPIRE, RETURN TO THE WORLD IN A SAILBOAT”. This is a small sample of the great “Ocean Adventure” lived by Kike Fenollosa, a Spaniard who fulfilled his dream of traveling around the world on a sailboat, for 4 years and who donated 40, of the thousands of images that I capture on its way to the Laudes Infantis Foundation, with the sole purpose of raising funds and supporting the education of the young people of Ciudad Bolívar, San Cristóbal and Usme.

The attendees had the opportunity to purchase altarpieces and postcards, with the photographs of Kike’s trip, on the back of which were reflected some small reviews with the dreams of some young people who want to support their educational training.

We want to thank those who joined this cause to promote the education of the young people of the localities and especially KIKE FENOLLOSA, who joins to support our social processes with their experiences and photography, at the PALATINO SHOPPING CENTER, Grupo Zarate Publicidad , the singer Andreo of the musical group Los P-Tres and those who donated their time and work for this cause.

Feminine Gymnasium and Laudes, for an inclusive society

May 30, 2018


Last May, an activity was held in the Bella Flor neighborhood, Ciudad Bolívar, within the annual “VALORA LA VIDA, AVENTÚRATE A VIVIRLA” campaign, which aimed to be a communication bridge between the community of Bella Flor, Ciudad Bolívar and the Gimnasia community, through the exchange of skills to generate education, empathy and recognition in a reciprocal environment.

This activity was carried out thanks to the coordination with the students of the CAS course of the Feminine Gymnasium and the children and young people of the Laudes Infantis Foundation.

As a result of the teamwork, it was a mural in which a Salamandra was drawn, a symbol of Laudes Infantis, with which the resilience and overcoming capacity of the human being is expressed in the face of adversities or difficulties, in order to achieve its objectives and a dignified life. The mural was finalized with the hands of all the participants, as a sign of solidarity and cooperativism, fundamental factors to create a better country.

This is a sample of how we can generate meaningful connections, between lives and different realities, through volunteering or the development of social practices.